Cargo Consolidation

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At the Pratik Group, we understand that cargo shipment can be time consuming and heavy on your wallet. To minus the losses and multiply your gains, we offer cargo consolidation as a means to allow us to serve you better, saving you both time and resources.

Cargo Consolidation

Rather than shipping each unit load of cargo separately, we combine cargo from one or multiple shippers in a single shipping container. These containers are highly robust and resistant to damage during transit, deeming them adaptable to varying modes of transport and capable of travelling longer distances.

This ensures time is efficiently utilized while you get the opportunity to pay at bulk rates. The system proves highly effective as compared to the resource and additional costs associated with single cargo deliveries.

Overcoming Potential Challenges

Interestingly, while cargo consolidation simplifies the process, there are some caveats concerning the system. In certain cases, combining one or more units of cargo into one shipping container elevates the risk factor. This could entail damage to property or even delivery to the wrong site.

To avert this risk, we strictly analyse operations from start to finish. Our team of focused and highly experienced professionals is committed to attain precision with every shipment, avoid mishaps, and considerably increase time efficiency.