Hazardous Cargo

Dependability, Even When The Risks Are High.

At the Pratik Group, we understand that the transport of hazardous cargo is saddled with its own set of challenges. Adherence to compliances is a must to ensure that the substances in transit do not negatively impact the environment or the individuals handling the substances are and impact on the environment or people is avoided.

What Is Hazardous Cargo

Hazardous cargo includes everything from flammable goods and corrosives to combustibles and toxic substances, which can be potentially dangerous to human health and safety. Therefore, our team is trained to rigorously follow safety procedures during the handling and shipment process.

Overcoming Challenges

Due to the nature of the substances, the shipment of such goods is governed by mandatory rules and regulations. Our aim is to work in accordance with these laws and meticulously carry out the documentation process and stay updated on the relevant information.

An essential starting point of the process includes filling the HAZ DG and the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), which contain relevant information on the potential health hazards of the package. Our experts are present to guide you through the process of documentation, every step of the way.