We Move Cargo So Your Brand Goes Places.

Moving cargo to places would be an understatement, our endeavor is helping you realise your dreams.

We take great pride in our transport system which is backed by a fleet of vessels and a team that stays focused and driven round-the-clock.

Detailed schedules, tailor-made solutions, a stringent security code, and an undying urge to propel your aspirations, our transport system ticks off right on every point.

Pratik group - Transportation Fleet

Personalized Services

Transportation is the fabric of the Import and Export industry, holding one of the most significant places in the supply chain. At the Pratik Group, we understand that each client is unique. Be it cargo in massive proportions or a deadline you need to meet, are transport facilities ensure flexibility and security.

In this regard, our personalized services are designed to safely transport the shipment while taking into account the time constraints and the size of the cargo. All this, while our team offers continual assistance and the right guidance!

Customized Transport Provisions

We understand that no two commodities are the same. At the Pratik Group, our first step to streamlining your experience is assessing the cargo. The commodities are carefully segregated into categories like Liquid bulk cargo, ODC cargo, and Dry bulk cargo, besides others. Following this, we calibrate shipping solutions which are catered specifically to your consignment along with a contact point to help you stay updated.