Palletizing & Packaging

Fragile - Perishable - Dry; Safety For Every Commodity Type.

Successfully transporting cargo has a lot do with the management techniques and the right packaging. Since the nature of cargo differs, we rely highly on palletizing and commodity-oriented packaging methods. Our skilled personnel can help to manage your supply chain with absolute dependability and efficiency.

We establish trust and transparency at every step, which is integral to our loyal client base.

Palletizing & Packaging

What is Palletizing ?

Palletizing is an essential part of our shipment process to deliver maximum assurance to our clients in terms of security and quality.

To ensure maximum stability during transit, we rely on pallets that are installed in our container units. These are flat structures that protect the cargo inside. The consignments are mounted on to the pallets and the process itself is called palletizing.

This process is particularly crucial in the safe transport of marine cargo and is renowned worldwide for its efficacy and reliability.

Significance Of Pallets

We provide an array of high-quality wooden pallets. These vary from chemically treated pallets to regular ones. Chemically fortified pallets made of babul wood, jungle wood, and pine wood are heat treated and fumigated and comply by the IPPC-ISPM#15 protocol.

Additionally, the pallets are made highly resistant to moisture and borers. They are approved by the Pest Control of India, which makes them ideal for containing varying types of cargo safely.

Packages are also secured in plastic pallets to reinforce durability during transit. Materials like plastic covers, HDPE woven bags, plastic strips, plywood, plastic wrapping film, side corners, and corrugated packing are used in the process. Before leaving our facility, they are thoroughly inspected as an added measure.

Pallet Variants

  • Rubber Wood and Jungle Wood Pallets

    • Fumigated pallets (ISPM – 15)

    • Normal pallets

    • Heat treatment pallets (HT)

  • Pine Wood Pallets

    • Fumigated pallets (ISPM – 15)

    • Normal pallets

    • Heat treatment pallets (HT)

  • Plastic Pallets

  • Compressed Wooden Pallets

  • CP3 Pallets

Packaging Solutions

At the Pratik Group, we follow a standard set of rules and techniques to ensure that cargo for sale, storage, or distribution is thoroughly packed. Careful attention is given to developing and inspecting the packages to prevent breaches. The entire process of packaging is aimed at assembling the cargo for transit, logistics, warehousing, sale, and usage.

We are able to calibrate the best packaging systems for varying types of cargo. This entails solutions like lashing choking, which is a method to prevent cargo from moving within container units. Products such as nylon straps, ratchet belts, and chord straps are implemented in the process. Another popular method for packaging is shrink wrap, which has a high efficacy rate in terms of protecting cargo.